About the Game

The wind rushes through your hair as you sit atop your dragon and fly at daring speeds through the wispy crimson clouds. Together you share a bond, and every move it makes feels like an extension of you. You found your dragon when it was still inside an egg, but in the Dragonwyrm Academy you trained it and it learned to trust you. Now, you belong together!  Your people, the Triddles, look to you when they need assistance. When there’s mail to be delivered, food to be transported, or Serpentine Pirates to be fought, you’re the one they turn to for help. But you’re a kid? Oh, that’s right! Dragons? They don’t trust adults. They never have. Only kids. And not just any kid. She has to be one of the brave and daring; a Jockey of the Dragonwyrm Academy!




Jockeys of the Dragonwyrm Academy (JotDA), is a role playing game for kids of all ages that  places them in the role of the heroes who take to the skies on adventures of all types!  Along the way they’ll fight menacing sky pirates who threaten the world aboard their giant lordwyrms, deal with the pesky tree goblins who love raiding towns for food, and go on missions to help out adults who need to go somewhere or have something delivered! A Jockeys day is never dull! So come along, hop on your dragonwyrm and join the adventure!


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